Only Praise and Pat Your Dog When He Deserves It

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This is an important thing that is not easy to do. It is important that you do it and that the whole family follows this rule. In order to train a  more obedient dog, you should only touch your dog when he has responded correctly to a command. Teach your dog to sit and when he sits praise him with a simple "good dog" and a pat on the head. You can gradually work up to longer sit times and evetually your dog can be relied upon to sit and stay in all situations. The bonus is that your guests will appreciate this obedient behaviour. You often see dogs jump up to greet their owners. A lot of dog owners believe that since they enjoy this type of greeting then other people enjoy this greeting also. Unfortunatel, this is just not true.

How To Practice "Being Out of Touch"

Now that you are nott patting, stroking and fondling your dog all the time, he will be learning now that it's ok to be "out of touch" for a short while. You should get him some good toys he can chew, such as Nylabones and Kongs. You should let your dog become distracted with a chew toy and then calmly and quietly leave the room, closing the door behind you. After a few minutes, preferably before your dog has become distraught about your absence, you can come back into the room and resume what you were doing. You should move calmly and not say anything. If your dog races over to greet you, you should ignore him completely not say a word. Don't even look at him. You need to teach your dog that your separation was completely unimportant and natural to you. This will then train your dog to think the same way.

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