Oprah Winfrey Show - Farewell Necklace - DO NOT....

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To all ebayers out there who are looking to purchase the Oprah Necklace given out to audience members who attended her shows in Sydney, I would carefully decide to not do so via ebay. The reason for this is you can purchase the necklace directly from Kallis Jewellery for $450. If you order directly from them you WILL receive an original Oprah necklace. Most people who are selling are not frauds but are ordering the necklaces via this website and then charging ebayers sometimes double the cost. Please do not be hoodwinked by this, research and you will find you can buy your own necklace through Kallis Jewellery without issues or concerns over the item being genuine or fearing you wont receive it. I highly recommend anyone to view the company's site directly before purchasing these items on ebay. A small amount of audience members did receive a necklace but most did not and received a voucher instead. A voucher for the exact necklace you can purchase for $450 so anyone selling them for more than $450 are nothing more than money hungry con artists trying to find any way they can hoodwink a buyer. If you do counter this please report this to the police as it is classed as fraud, a federal crime at that. Thanks again!
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