Orchid Mounting Guide

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Guide to mounting Native Orchids

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Please vote below as to whether this was useful. Mounting native orchids is as simple as obtaining the right mount. Dead black Cyathea tree blocks are by far the most practical and easily obtained mounts.

The ginger red Dicksonia tree fern is fine for Dend. kingianum but seems to be too water retentive for other species (another alternative for the drier growing species is Virgin Cork Bark).
Untreated fence palings are another alternative, but tend to attract wood eating caterpillars under the protective moss.

At the Australian Orchid Nursery we have stock of Cyathea, Dicksonia and Virgin Cork, which can often be found on Ebay.

How to mount (step-by-step)

  1. Secure 8 pound fishing line to the plastic coated wire hook at the top of the mount. You will need about 1-1.5 metres per mount.

  2. Divide your orchid in two so as to create a flat side ready for mounting. If the orchid is small (such as a seedling) use the whole plant.

  3. Hold the orchid against the mount using your left thumb.

  4. Grab the fishing line and holding firmly and with some pressure go around and around the mount securing  the roots to the board.

    Do not go too close to the base of the plant as this is where the new growths will come from and you don’t want to strangle them

  5. Gather a healthy sized bunch of live green bush moss (preferably as a sheet) AND COVER THE EXPOSED ROOTS OF THE ORCHID.

  6. Go around and around the mount a second time with the fishing line to hold the moss in place.

  7. Lightly go around the top leafy part of the orchid plant to secure it from falling forward until established. Establishment usually takes about 3-6 months so be patient.

  8. Keep wet as often as is possible.You cannot over water a mount, but you certainly can under water them! Your plant will begin to shrivel and the moss will turn brown if not enough water is applied.

  9. The best way to feed these types of natives is to soak the mounts in a bucket of fertilizer solution such as Peters Excel Hi K. Once a month is fine.

  10. As with all mounted orchids,  protect them from drying winds and hot sun. Under shade cloth or on the South side of the house is best.

  11. Alternatively, just buy a pre-mounted specimen and save yourself the effort!

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