Ordering Custom PC Units.

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To receive a quote for custom PC I need the following information for optimum build quality:

1) Budget - A reasonable figure for it's purpose.
This lets me know how much your willing to spend,
without this I can't ensure an appropriate solution for your needs.

2) Purpose - What you mainly want the machine for.
For example - Gaming, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Desktop Publishing.
This ensures it will run what you want it to run.

3) Priority - If it's urgent let me know as I may be able to do something.

4) Where will it be sent - This let's me include postage and finalise most figures.

5) Special component requests - If you want certain components.
This is an option for gamers &/or people in the know, I don't recommend this
if you are anything other as more often then not compatablility makes it more expensive then needed.
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