Other Boat plans compared to CAD

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Just browsing some other plans on eBay and spotted some quite clever selling practices

that need clarifying.

There are CD's full of boat plans at low prices but none of the sellers own the plans, drew the plans

or can draw. They are basically selling PDF plans copied from the net that are available free. They are also

warning buyers about "copied plans" and CD's and offering full refunds if unsatisfied. That's a seemingly bold

promise but be warned after 45 days via Paypal there is NO REFUND or case to investigate. Beware of stalling tactics

when asking for refunds as they can and will promise you anything to get to the 45 day mark. I found out the hard way!

Other plans have carefully avoided describing the detail of plans. "Wow full size plans"...on paper with no dimensions!

Another old style selling practice. No way to check the patterns unless you visit their web site and buy the total package

which is illegal via ebay ...but they are doing it and avoiding buyer protection on eBay.


If  you're serious about any boat plan, you will know about lofting. NO lofting, NO Boat! Without the ability to get the plans

onto timber at 1:1 accurately you are destined to fail! It's that important...

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