Other things to consider when buying Tupperware.

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When looking at Tupperware items on Ebay there are a few things other than the price that you shoudl consider.  Look for the things below in the item description and if they're not included contact the seller and find out about them!

1.  Is the item covered by the lifetime or the Q guarantee?  Not all items are covered by the lifetime guarantee that Tupperware is famous for.  The general rule of thumb that may be applied is that utensils and "accessory items" such as the insulated lunch bag are covered by the Q guarantee, which allows for replacement of an item with a manufacturing defect within 30 days from the date of purchase.  Chances are if you're buying in on Ebay, you will not be able to get these items replaced as you will not have proof of original purchase (as you would if you bought it at a party) and by the time the auction is completed and the item gets to you, it will be more than 30 days from when the item was originally purchased.

2.  Is the item listed as Demonstrator stock?  Demonstrator stock items may be brand new (excess stock ordered, samples of limited release items or just popular catalogue items) or they may be display items or even items used in cooking demonstrations.  Display items may have slight scratches on them from being transported and being packed and unpacked, and those used in cooking demonstrations may have food odours or staining.  Check before you bid!

3.  Is the item complete?  Keep in mind that Tupperware items can have a number of parts, and if one of these is missing, while it may be able to be purchased through a demonstrator, the cost of replacing the missing part needs to be taken into account when working out what you are willing to pay for the item.

4. Is the item from overseas?  Some items sold overseas are not available in Australia and therefore you may not be able to get them replaced if a warranty replacement is needed.  Other items may be sold in different colours to those here, so while you may be able to get a replacement, it will be in the colours currently in the Australian range.

5.  Different Seal (Lid) Colours:  The Modular Mates range has had two different shades of pink seals that are difficult to distinguish in pictures in the listings, so you should clarify which shade is up for auction.  The two colours are Pink (which is a very light pink) and Rose (a deeper duskier pink).  Sellers often describe the colour as "Strawberry Cream" which doesn't clarify which of the two shades it is, so make sure you ask!  There have also been two shades of blue - a light blue (called Modular Blue) and a darker almost navy shade (called Lacquer Blue).

I hope this saves you from winning an item that's not quite what you thought it was!  Good luck with bidding!





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