Other ways to get to know your Seller and reputations

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When you are ready to purchase a product on eBay don't forget to select a Reputable Seller.

The single most respected rating on eBay is the "Positive Feedback Percentage"

In addition to this percentage here are a few additional (not so common) ways to check a sellers Reputation:

"I heard it on the grape vine"

Have your Collegues, Friends or Family bought from them before?  

Check around your friends, family and the office to see if someone has bought a similar product from eBay.
Ask them if any eBay sellers they have bought from in the past have been Exceptional or Not...

Common Seller Ratings: Recent Feedback Score and Detailed Seller Rating Stars

Compare sellers from the same category for the product you are interested in.

One quick way to get a Category Snapshot is to go to eBay Pulse. Here the Pulse page for our Golf Category

eBay Pulse gives you a quick view to compare sellers who the most items listed and see their coloured feedback stars to see who has either been in the game the longest and/or has received the most overall feedback. (Click here for the Legend For Coloured Feedback Reputation Stars)

Some newer sellers may not have the highest overall score but could actually have the highest amount of  "recent" feedback for the last 1, 6, or 12 months.  Thus the next most important thing to do is to.......

Take a look at each Sellers Feedback Profile.

You can do this easily any time, including from eBay Pulse, by simply Clicking on their Feedback Score.

Which Seller has the highest 1, 6, and 12 months recent feedback numbers in their Recent Feedback Ratings Box?

Also look across at their Detailed Seller Ratings,
Which Seller has the highest number of Average rating Stars? (move your mouse over the stars to see the actual rating out of 5)
Make sure the sellers deliver items as Described, Communicate well, Post in a Timely Fashion, and offer a Reasonable Postage and Handling Price.

Not so Common Seller Ratings to check: Total Feedback Received, "Reasons" for Negs and Neutrals

More than just the Feedback Score - A great check is the " Total Feedback Received" - are there lots of returning customers?
This "All positive Feedback" number is listed below the Feedback Score on the Sellers Feedback Profile. 

Grab a piece of paper and write down both the Feedback Score AND the All positive Feedback number.

If this Total Feedback number is much higher than their Feedback Score you can be confident that like their past customers you also will want to return to them for more of your purchases in the future!

"Reasons" for Negs and Neutrals

Finally the last comparison I like to make when buying is to go through the Sellers feedback to actually read 'why' customers have given them a Neutral or a Negative.   Despite most sellers best efforts things can still go wrong. It is important to see what has gone wrong for this seller in the past and see if there are any "Common Story's" 

If it appears that your Seller has had a few one off upsets in the past but has overcome them so they do not happen regularly then this is a good sign compared with a Seller that frequently receives the same complaints.

Thankyou for Reading, I hope this guide was Helpful, please rate it below.

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