Our Policy for Building a successful eBay Feedback

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The eBay Feedback system is an invaluable tool for both buyers and sellers.

For Buyers: feedback gives confidence to the purchasing system, it can also forewarn of potential problems with sellers.

For Sellers: feedback gives credibility and reassurance to potential customers.

At Multipointtechnologies, we always strive to complete every transaction to the best of our ability. It is inevitable that on occasions mistakes do happen, or products may arrive faulty/broken. Given the opportunity we endeavour to resolve and rectify the problem as quickly as possible. Essentially communication is the most valuable tool to maintaining customer satisfaction. Responding to all emails in a timely manner, and remembering the age old rules of service - "The customer is always right!"

If you have emailed us directly and not heard back please resend your message via eBay’s contact a member in case there has been a problem with our email server and we have not received your message. As an eBay selling company our facade as it were is represented by feedback. When the company was relatively small feedback ratings and service levels were easy to monitor as well as control. With steady growth of the company, so as not to compromise we have adopted management solutions.


Channel Advisor

The advantage relating to feedback using our two choices of management software is the process of leaving feedback is fully automated. In both cases the programs can be set to leave feedback immediately after payment is received or set to reciprocate once feedback has been received from the customer. On both occasions it has been Multipoint’s choice to reciprocate on feedback. The reasoning behind this decision is that it is our belief that the transaction only concludes once the customer has received their item and is satisfied with their purchase. Hence customers we hope would communicate with us, should a problem be evident before leaving feedback. So as not to appear threatening, Multipoint clearly explains it’s reasoning for reciprocation on feedback in the FAQ's and policies section on every advert. (Again communicating to limit misunderstanding).

We hope the above article gives some insight into our rationale on reciprocating our feedback. eBay has been a good, challenging environment for our company and we hope this continues with respect and honour, creating a safe trading environment that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

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