Ovens and Cooktops

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What type of oven to buy?

Ovens come in many different styles, freestanding, upright, wall and under bench. Which is right for you? Some wall ovens are available in gas or electric.  Some uprights are available in gas, electric or both. A free standing upright oven has hot plates on the top and the oven underneath. An Underbench oven is just an oven with no hot plate, usually built into a kitchen. 

What size do I need?

Oven and cooktops come in many different sizes

Wall ovens are mainly 60cm, 70cm, or 90cm.

Upright ovens come in various measurements from 50cm to 1.2 metres, with the most popular being 60cm and 90cm.

Oven features

Ovens come with many features, Pyrolytic, Catalytic liners, Residual heat indicators, Roast probe, Telescopic shelf holders and many more. It is best that you research what features you require before deciding on your oven. 

Do I need a self cleaning oven?

Ovens with pyrolytic or with catalytic liners can save you time and effort as they are easier to clean.


Gas, Induction, Electric, all these types of cook tops have their advantages and disadvantages. Induction cook tops are great because they are cool to touch when operating, however you do need to buy different cookware, and they are more expensive than electric or gas. 

Some cooktops are available with a range of specialist burners including fish burners, teppanyaki plates, BBQ grills, and deep fryers. It is also possible to buy cooktops with both gas burners and electric hotplates.

For easy cleaning take note of the screws and edges — the fewer the better. Gas cooktops should come with solid cast-iron trivets.

Cooktops also need free space on either side. This is an important consideration when planning for your new cooktop, you can find dimensions on this site or from. 


If you are planning on buying a dual fuel freestanding oven, make sure its 10AMP plug otherwise if its 15AMP you may need additional wiring.
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