Overseas buying a word of caution and of praise

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A wise word by the Founding Director of SuperValueOnline about how to protect your hard earned money. Please feel free to visit our store SuperValueOnline for the Guaranteed Best Everyday Priceson Top Brand Name Flashlightslike 5.11 Tactical, ASP, BlackHawk, Fenix, HellFighter, Inova, NovaTac, Maglite, Pelican, Safariland, Streamlight. There are things that you MUST absolutely know before risking a dollar of your money buying overseas. Click the YES below if you feel this guide is useful, Thanks.

Having purchased numerous items from all around the world Australia, China, Canada, Hong Kong, Lichtenstein, New Zealand, Russia, United Kingdom, United States of America, I am always shocked and surprised to hear that people are still being scammed by fraudsters, con-men and rip-off artists.

There are a number of positive things that you can do, to reduce the chances of this happening to you.


Firstly check the feedback of the people you are purchasing from, I mean really check it out, go through at least 6 - 10 pages of feedback before you place a bid on someones items. I am aware that their are people out there using fake feedback to boost their ratings.


As an example I came across a user who had purchased literally hundreds of 0.01c Wallpaper & screensavers to boost their feedback to a massive level. I can tell you that I didn't buy from this person, who would risk it.


Within the feedback, see if the person has purchased or sold big ticket items and check the other persons feedback that they purchased from. I know that this is a big task but worth doing, look for things like 'no longer a registered user amoungst the feedback, if this is high then again proceed with caution.


Always use Paypal when buying from overseas. This allows you to have a level of protection that can save your bacon when it comes to large purchases and small ones as well.


Always pay a little extra for insurance, watch out for people who are asking huge amounts for insurance cover as this is another way that people are lining their pockets. A great way to do this is to start conversations with several sellers that are selling the same or very similar items what the postage rate is, and what the cost of insurance would be if you are the successful bidder.

As an example I have had one seller tell me that postage was $15 and insurance was an extra $2. Another seller quoted $77 postage and insurance was an additional $25 from the same location in USA. I bet you can guess which seller I went with, and also what I thought of the other seller. 


While checking feedback look at what they are selling and check for yourself if they are selling these items on a regular basis. This does not always work if they are fairly new to Ebay as they may be just clearing out things from their home. Large ticket items that are being sold regularly are generally sold by people who are running a ligitimate business, and in most cases they will happily advertise their address & contact details and will generally allow pickup, why wouldn't they it drives people to their physical store. Again it is not always the case, as some items can be drop-shipped direct from the wholesalers/distributor - but this is another topic entirely.


This is another way to see if the person behind the merchandise is the real deal, as most scammers will not bother going to the trouble of setting  up an Ebay Store. In additional to this when you look at the store, see if they have put time and effort into it, this again is a good sign that you are dealing with someone who is more than likely reputable.


I am constantly amazed that many sellers have 'Incorrect postage for overseas purchasers'. One seller in the USA had $48.99 postage quoted on their listing to Australia. I immediately thought to myself 'That doesn't seem right' I asked the seller, they advised me that the calculator they were using was not putting out the correct figures and that postage to Australia was $15. You can imagine my shock and surprise, this seller could literally have missed out on a stack of overseas bidders simply by having the incorrect postage on their listing. Most buyers will take one look at the price of postage and baulk the auction, there are bargains to be had from mistakes in listings (More on this in another guide.) I bought from this seller and when the item arrive from the USA less than a week later the postage was spot on at $15. It's worth asking questions and lots of them to lots of sellers of items that you are interested in. I must warn everyone about CHINA based auctions, when ever you see China listed as the place of origin, check the postage price before placing a bid. If the postage is not quoted or is missing DO NOT BID UNTIL you have asked the seller what the postage is first = I made the mistake in my early days on Ebay bidding and winning a set of solid silver/gold (Most likely Fakes)Panda coins from a seller from China for only $0.99c I was blown away I was so excited UNTIL I got the invoice! The invoice stated a postage cost of $128USD I immediately felt duped, I felt the blood rushing out of my face as I immediately began to feel ill. Fortunately the seller had not quoted postage in their listing at all, I contacted the seller and queried the postage, I told them that it was not quoted in the listing at all and this was unfair. I demanded that they shop around for cheaper postage, while I did my own checking. A number of postal services that ship from China to Australia were exhorbitant, I couldn't believe it. Eventually we agreed to cancel the sale and no harm was done. When I checked their feedback after the fact - it was obvious to me that this had happened on a number of occasions and that I was not the only one duped by the $0.99c enticement, this is one of the factors that helped educate me about reading feedback and asking questions first.


If there is one thing I could say has potentially saved me hundreds of dollars, would be communication. Simply sending a message to sellers and having them respond. I think it could literally save you money as well, Heres why. If you send a message and it is not answered within a few days (I like to allow 2-3 business days). Chances are, that this is the sellers typical communication, and it could quite literally be like this throughout your whole shopping experience with them! Meaning....that if you have a problem, it could take them days or weeks to reply to your queries or questions. In my mind it raises a Red Flag and for good reason. If you purchase your item using Paypal, then you only have a 45 days after the purchase date to file a complaint and get your money back. On a more positive note I have never had this occur shopping overseas, I have only ever had great experiences and have now a great list of favorite sellers that I can continue to shop with again and again without concern.

TEST AND MEASURE & HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT: One way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

I think the best way to start buying goods from overseas is to Test and Measure first. Start off by buying something small to begin with which wont break the bank, if the item doesn't arrive. As you gain more confidence, then you can start buying more expensive items. I would also recommend looking in your own backyard first (America, Australia, U.K.) before shopping overseas. This benefits the environment! Everything you buy from Australia leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Items bought from overseas create a larger carbon footprint as your parcel traveling here by plane or by boat. So once you have found a few good sellers of items you like and you are happy with their service, buy from them in small-bulk quantities that way you will save shipping costs and also reduce your own carbon footprint on the environment.


I love buying things on Ebay because it gives me immense pleasure when I win or buy an item that is half what it cost elsewhere. (More on this in another guide later). My motto is 'have fun and don't stress'. If you are really concerned about buying something give it a miss, or sit on the idea for a few days weighing up the pros and cons before commiting to making that purchase. A very good friend of mine once told me 'The deal of a lifetime comes around about once a week' so if you miss out on one auction, it doesn't mean that you will miss out forever. Take some time to Pause and Relax, we live in a busy world that is always demanding more of our time, I say demand time for yourself and have a break every once in a while, take time out to recharge and re-energise yourself, meditation is a great way of doing this.

Best of luck with your overseas purchases and if you like please Visit our store SuperValueOnline Now

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