PACKAGING and buying Royal Albert MUST READ GUIDE

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It's one thing to win a bargain auction, it's another getting your china in ONE piece!!!!

PLEASE always ask seller to ensure that delicate parts such as handles on cups and little knobs etc have extra reinforcing on them.  I can't tell you how many cups I have here with NO handles on them because of POOR PACKAGING.  I always wrap say an egg carton cup around the handle as well as extra bubble wrap, just that little extra care can go a long way.  I have hundreds of dollars worth of broken items because some sellers just DO NOT CARE.  I bought a lovely set of 6 Romance Trios from a lady in England who just stacked the cups on top of each other with one layer of bubble wrap around them all and stuffed into a teabag box, that has NO strength and then posted at a fraction of the postage that I paid.  Of course you can guess the result, A VERY HEART BROKEN BUYER .... being ME.  So PLEASE make sure that seller has an EXCELLENT PACKAGING RECORD before bidding.  Some of these piece are older than me and it is such a shame that they have had their gorgeous life come to an end because of carelessness. 

Simple tip,
with teapots etc, wrap the lid in bubble wrap and place the lid upside down so that they knob is inside the teapot.  The whole teapot can now be wrapped and use packing tape around the whole thing.  This will protect the Knob.  You can do the same with handles etc.

Thank you and I hope that my guide and my pain has stopped your heartbreaks in the future... HAPPY COLLECTING.   - Taylers Treasures.

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