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A past life reading can offer insight into many areas of the life we are living now this moment.Also can offer support, understanding and healing of issues we face now.

For instance a problem with weight in this life could be traced to starving to death in the past, when the source is accessed we can work with healing the result in this life time

Many addictions are passed on from live to live as are relationships. Ever wonder why the hell did I go there, or feel that instant pull back on meeting a person.

We each incarnate with a soul group of teachers and so we interact with them over many lifetimes. In all things we will be the passive and aggressive, we will be mother/father  sister/brother  lover/enemy.  It is necessary for the soul to experience all levels of existance and the whole range of emotions on a human level to become whole and completer the journey home.

A past life reading may be done one on one  which is by far the most effiecient way as problems can be dealt with right there and then. A distance reading will give some insight to various levels of experience, where a personal reading takes the client gently through the actual experience. A litlle like watching a video replay, but from a detached point of view, you do not go into the emotion of the thing. Being totaly in charge of thesitting the client can choose to end the session at any time or move into another life experience,

bright blessings Maggie

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