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Many buyers ,especially those new to ebay,believe if they pay a seller using PAYPAL bank transfer payment (ECHEQUE) then the seller instantly has their payment. THIS IS NOT TRUE, if as a buyer, you choose to pay a seller using PAYPAL BANK TRANSFER PAYMENT, the seller will not RECIEVE your payment for up to two weeks. As sellers cannot post goods until they actually RECEIVE a payment, using PAYPAL BANK TRANSFER PAYMENT to pay for goods will result in LONG DELAYS in a buyer receiving their item. THIS PROCESS IS CONTROLLED BY PAYPAL, and there is nothing a seller can do to speed up this process.

BANK TRANSFER PAYMENTS made via PAYPAL are treated like you have paid via a personal CHEQUE.

Most sellers on ebay do not like the PAYPAL bank transfer payment option, as it is SO SLOW. But you as a buyer, have the choice of how you pay. USING INTERNET BANKING TRANSFER IS A MUCH FASTER and JUST AS SAFE method of payment.

So please be aware that using paypal bank transfer payment to pay for goods is a slow process and leaving a seller a negative or neutral feedback for SLOW POSTAGE for an item paid for via ECHEQUE, is an unfair situation.



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