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If you are a seller, be careful of dishonest buyers and the fact that Paypal will NOT help you even if you provide sufficient evidence to defend your case. Ebay and Paypal are set up in such a way as to only protect the buyer. I have sold over 100 items on Ebay and have had two bad experiences from dishonest buyers.

On one occasion I posted an item to a buyer using regular post. This was silly of me, and I did it to reduce postage costs for the buyer. However, I did have a form with a postage stamp that verified the parcel had been lodged. The buyer claimed she did not receive the item and filed a claim against me. At that time, I had misplaced the form, but I had a receipt to show that the parcel had been mailed to the buyer's exact postcode. This was not enough evidence to convince Paypal so they refunded the buyer.  I managed to locate the form with the postage stamp and successfully appealed Paypal's decision. Here's where you see how Paypal does not help the seller. When Paypal initially made a decision in favor of the buyer, the refund was automatically deducted from my Paypal account. However, when my appeal was granted by Paypal (as in. they ruled in my favor) they didnt deduct the money back from the buyer's account. They simply wrote an email to her asking that she give me my money back, so that gave the buyer the choice of whether or not she was going to pay me again! She ended up giving me half my money back,  still claiming that she didnt receive the item.

This second instance is a real case of fraud. The buyer was from new york and bought a coat from me. I posted the coat using international express post with a tracking number. The buyer seemed very genuine and friendly and communicated well. I posted the item at the beginning of the month and never heard from the buyer again. I also did not check on the tracking, assuming all went well. Later that month (christmas eve) I received an email from Paypal saying the buyer filed a non-receipt claim against me. When I looked at the tracking, it showed that the parcel had been returned to my local post office. Paypal automatically refunded the buyer  seeing that the tracking located the item back in Australia. When I went to the post office to collect my parcel, the staff told me the parcel had been refused (meaning it wasnt even signed for). When I opened the parcel at home, my coat was not in there! Instead, there was some broken glass from a light bulb and a crappy black jacket! The timing of all this was also crucial as it all happened on christmas eve and a week of holidays was to follow for christmas meaning it was difficult to contact anyone during this time. I spent christmas day  trying to contact Paypal and Ebay about this. Paypal refused to acknowledge I was a victim of fraud and did not grant my appeal. Ebay told me they were investigating the matter, but never got back to me. I couldnt even leave negative feedback about the buyer !!! Only buyers are allowed to leave negative feedback. As a seller, I only have a choice to leave positive feedback for a buyer. You call that fair? This incident has rendered my paypal account negative and unusable and I cannot use paypal or ebay again.

All I can say is as a seller, even if you have evidence that you have posted an item, Paypal and Ebay are structured in such a way that buyers can create scams against sellers and the whole system allows them to get away with it. If I were you, I would take out insurance on a parcel so then if you do become a victim of fraud, you could file a claim with the Postal company and get your money back that way. But why should sellers have to spend that extra money if Paypal/Ebay could just protect the seller like they claim to .
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