PC Builders Tips

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building your own pc can be great, you can save a lot of money and customize anything you want.

there are however a few tips to follow when building a pc that can save you a lot of heartache in the future

  • don't ever use quick lock plastic holders for hard drives or cd-roms

the vibrations from the normal operation of the hdd and cd rom are usually transferred harmlessly through the case of the pc when they are tightly screwed in, however when using plastic quick lock holders these vibrations cause the hdd/cdrom to rattle around in its place causing a lot of noise and significantly reducing the life of the hdd/cd-rom. always screw in your hdd/cdrom with 4 screws.

  • install the motherboard into the case before you install the CPU or RAM

if you install the CPU or RAM while the motherboard is not held down to the case with screws it can cause the MB to flex so much that the electrical connections can be damaged or small cracks can occur on the motherboard which can lead to eventual failure.

  • use cable ties to contain loose power supply wiring

when the power supply leads are left hanging loose inside the pc case they can sometimes fall onto the CPU fan causing it to overheat and damage to occur. I have personally experienced this several times while working. make sure you use cable ties to contain the wiring.

  • test that the CPU fan is working before you close the case

I am amazed how many PC builders forget to connect the CPU fan

while these tips may seem common sense to most professionals there are so many people that make these costly mistakes.

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