PHOTO or NO PHOTO in E/Bay Stores

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PHOTO or NO PHOTO in E/Bay Stores

I have over 2000 lots up in the E/Bay Store

A lot of the Items have Photos

Some do not have PHOTOS

I know a lot of the buyers would like to see Photos on all lots

A lot time it is Time and Money ,MY time your Money

IF I take the time to add Photos to all of my lots ,I would have to charge you more money

Would you like the photos or save the Money

I try to be the low price leader, If I had to add photos to all lots that would take more time and cost you more money.

Lots of my items are proof coins that I get from Proof sets

There is no Different from one coin to the next

A 1997-S Proof  Lincoln Cent is the same with or without a photo,I can sell this coin and lots of others for less money without the photo.

Would you like to pay more to see the 1997-S Proof cent or buy the coin for less?

HAVE fun and save money Buy more coins.

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