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After having sold many items that require pickup/collection only (ie: no postage or freight offered), especially when C.O.D. payment is being made, I have a few tips for new and even existing ebay users.

Having received 100% positive feedback, and all my winning bidders who collected items off me have commented on how smooth the transaction went, loved how honest and descriptive I was with my item descriptions.

To avoid the possibility of the winning bidder rejecting the item, ensure you are completely honest with your description of the item, advising of any and all defects or imperfections. Adding photos and detailed descriptions means you have been 100% honest and so there is nothing to hide from the winning bidder when they arrive to collect the item.

One last suggestion is where possible meet in a large public place, such as a sporting ground or shopping centre car park. Take someone with you as a possible witness should you have any dramas relating to the transaction not being completed, and as they say, there is safety in numbers!

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