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(Yet another) Guide about playstation peripherals!  (PLEASE VOTE ON THIS GUIDE! - see end of page!)


Genuine memory cards were manufactured exclusively by Sony specifically for the PS1 and will always have the PlayStation logo printed towards the top of the card, with the SONY logo embedded into the bottom of the card.  These cards have a 1 MEG or 15 block capacity for saving games (most game saves only required one block) and came in quite a variety of colours over the almost 10 years of the PS1's lifespan.  The colours that I have so far seen are grey, lighter grey, white, black and the transperant (see-through) colours of clear, red, blue, aqua, green, lime green, orange, pink and smokey grey (if anybody knows of other colours please let me know!).  They will work with any PS1 game / console whatsoever, and can even be used on a PlayStation2, BUT ONLY WHEN YOU A PLAYING A PS1 GAME on the PS2 console


This term means a memory card that is made by a manufacturer other than Sony.  Many manufacturers obtained licence to make cheaper memory cards for the PlayStation market, including Futuretronics, MadCatz, Thrustmaster, and many many others (these manufacturer's also made controllers and other peripherals as well).  These cards usually had the same capacity (1 MEG or 15 blocks), although some managed to have double this space or more, and had an even bigger range of colours, shapes and styles.  Whilst not quite the same quality as the genuine Sony cards, most worked quite fine on the PS1 and were a cheaper alternative back in the day.  It should also be noted that most of these cards WILL NOT work on the PlayStation2 (I've had many people inform me of this).

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