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Hello -I have written this because I have just spent the last month entangled in an argument with a seller over  "postage charges".. I'll explain:

I win 7 magazines;  previous sellers of such items have charged COST of postage -postage quoted in the listing being a loose guide, ultimately being determined by the destination..  This seller "combines" and comes up with $20.00, despite cost being $7.50 + $3.50 for a nice postbag..  He won't allow pick-up.. (he is local)   I whinge a lot, contact eBay, he allows a "further discount", I end up paying $16.90 for P & H and a post-bag, whatever, move on...   Then he emails -he is driving past, and is going to drop them off -I find them on the verandah in a freezer bag!! So this geezer has planned this -get me to pay postage plus postbag etc, then he sticks the cash in his pocket!! His profit on "postage" is 40% of what he made for the items!! 

So -1. As other guides say- ASK QUESTIONS! -If the seller won't negotiate or answer, blow them off and find another seller!  2. FORGET eBay HELPING! -I sent 7-8 emails to "Trust & Safety" -you might as well contact the Auto Club -All you will get is frustrated, you'll get a nebulous, non-commital, semi-literate response from a different eBay minion each time you write (the eBay equivalent of the lucky dip..)  -but, you ask, isn't it "fee avoidance"?  I thought so, eBay said they "actioned" it -if they did, the seller wasn't aware of it -he hadn't heard from them!! So -forget eBay helping -THEY DON'T!!   3. DON"T GET OBSESSED!  Most items on eBay are not unique, another WILL come up! And if it doesn't -get a bit Zen -it's only a bit of inanimate stuff, you lived OK before you saw it, do you really need it? I have bought so much crap here, this incident has given me a "wake-up" call.  -If you've read this far -Thank You - I wish you good luck, honest sellers, and bargains galore!!

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