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let me start with the  pre ordering principle or idea.  why do we do it, well I believe it is because soon as it is released we want a copy as we seem to be too excited or desperate to wait another 2-3 weeks maximum. think about it for a minute???  what u buy from these sellers is the exact same thing you can get yourself about the same time as everyone else or at best maybe a few days to weeks at the most ahead of joe public.  for starters any person can find out when the release is and order it the same way these sellers can.  they prey upon your innocence and kind hearted nature that you wont be bothered to get it yourself and will happily boost their bank account buy buying from them.  the problem and thievery as I see it is that they, as stated, know for example it is released November 30th and they can grab some copies a little ahead of you and prey upon you getting rich having your money at times up to 3 months in advance thus in my opinion ripping you off as they can collect interest of the money in the time it takes for them then you to get the film. this sucks people and I sell officially released films from Russia issued in English and Russian ready for you to watch a 3-4 weeks from purchase and yes you wait but it will get to you still way ahead of the pre order thiefs who charge you up to 3 times my price and again as stated you wait wait wait then finally watch it plus why is it so expensive as from bootlegs to official here they cost at worst a lot less than theirs excluding postage but yes I too aim for maximum profit but my profit might get me two coffees.  thanks for reading and share the word beware of pre order unless it is nt a dvd
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