PS 3 Playstation 3 Fast Track Weight Loss program

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Heard Slim & Lite? Oh yeah! When everyone bought the first PS then upgraded to the PS2, can anyone imagine the PS2 would ggets de-chunked, and replaced with a more 'sexier' cousin?

Proof? PSP fat vs PSP Slim, even Homer gets a spot despite his waist line.

This world is full of Fatties version and slimmer version stuff. Our prediction is that in the very near future, PS3 will enrol in the very first fast-track weight loss program.

Who's Jenny Craig?

History states that the PS3 will eventually slim down, at some point, but not sure which point exactly on the timeline. By the end of 2008...Nahhh, the cost of PS3 accessories is still relatively high, which means an afforable PS3 Slim & Lite version is more likely to be another year or two.

So during the meantime, you pro gamers, protect your console, treat it nicely, invest in some gadgets like PS3 Top Gears to enable the TRADE-IN value when you'd like to switch to the PS3 2010 (Just a guess of the code)


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