PS3 Play TV coming to Australia before Xmas + Unboxing

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Sony has finally given an official date for the Play TV add–on for PS3. Gamers will be able to record and stash their favourite TV shows via the official digital TV recorder from  September.

Originally slated for release this month, Play TV will allow you to snaffle any content you want while playing games, all thanks to the new 2.41 firmware update.

The accessory is home to a freeview tuner, with the console upscaling pics to an eyeball–friendly 1080i. So no need to go through the faff of getting Freesat installed then. And if you’re in a Wi–Fi hotspot, you can use Remote Play to record shows via your PSP. Clever Sony.

Looks like that 80GB PS3 coming out at the end of August is going to be well worth the money. Sony says Play TV will cost  around $200 US, with a AU price to follow.

Play TV for PS3
Price: $TBA ( iHubCentral guess anything under $200 is a wallet friendly price tag)
On sale: Christmas 08



After a year long wait since it was first announced, Sony's Play TV finally is going to be arrived on our desk before christmas.
And while it was tempting just to sit and watch the Olympics all afternoon, we did have a poke around the PS3's telly recording add-on to give you this first look.

If we had an award for 'most underwhelming piece of hardware design', the Play TV box would be a tough to beat –
it's a feather-light, plastic box with an aerial port, USB port and 'on' light,
and doesn't even bother with the PS3's glossy laminate finish.

Still, at least it has two tuners for watching one show while recording another
(though not recording two live channels simultaneously).

After a lengthy firmware update, it searches for channels, then presents you with the intuitive home screen.
On here, you get eight menus:
'Live TV',
'Guide' (a 7-day EPG),
'Schedule' (a list of programes you have queued for recording),
'Library' (a list of all your recorded programmes),
'Find + record' (a search function) ,
'Manual' (a help screen) and

The menus are pleasantly slick – you can call up the full EPG, or just scroll through channels in a smaller menu at the bottom of the screen.
The box turns red if it's scheduled to record, and behind the text a bar indicates how far you've got through the programme.
There's also the option of an on-screen remote and chase play (the ability to start watching a programme that's still recording).

But there are a few downers. In order to allow recording while you're doing other things on your PS3
(say, playing MGS4 or GTA) you have to allow 'background recording',
and there's a warning that this may cause slow-down and effect gameplay.

Then there are those bomb-shells that we revealed a few days ago, namely no 1080i recording at launch and the inclusion of pesky DRM.
Although we haven't yet had the chance to test it with our PSP Slim & Lite, this will mean
you'll have to record shows via Remote Play to watch them on your handheld console rather than
just sticking them on a memory stick and transferring them.

Play TV will be hitting shelves on before Christmas  for under than $200, but we'll bring you a full review before then to let you know whether or not to splash your cash.

Source: Stuff UK

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