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I have been a registered member and a regular purchaser on Ebay for 10 years
I have previously purchased several of this type of generator from reputable sellers and thought that this time I would give a fairly new comer(registered around 12 months) a go, "RAREDEALSAU"  had over 200 positive feedbacks and several neutral, but no negative feed back.
This looked like a pretty straight forward operation.
I looked at their listing, "buy now" or "make an offer". I made "RAREDEALSAU" an offer of $555.00 per generator for 4 generators and the offer was accepted on 20th June 2014 and I paid the full amount of $2220.00 through PayPal.
I received one generator from "RAREDEALSAU" via  "COURIERS PLEASE" which was then delivered by AUSTRALIA POST, on the 2nd July 2014.
On the 4th July 2014, I enquired to "RAREDEALSAU" as to the whereabouts of my remaining 3 generators, I was told that when they sent the first generator, they only had that one left and that a new shipment of generators had arrived on the day before I enquired, being the 3rd July 2014 and that they were shipping me the remaining 3 generators on that day the 4th July 2014.
I waited patiently and no generators turned up. I made further enquiries to "RAREDEALSAU" and was told that all the generators were shipped together.
I provided evidence that they weren't,  in the form of consignment notes, and that I had only received one generator.
A person claiming to be the sales manager at "RAREDEALSAU", messaged me on the 11th July 2014 and said he had been on the phone half the day, trying to track down the outstanding 3 generators and would not rest until he had rectified the situation.
This is the last thing I have heard from "RAREDEALSAU" since 11th July 2014, I have messaged them several time, but they prefer to ignore my messages.
I have had to lodge a dispute with Ebay then escalate it to a PayPal claim. Still no response.
However, they have responded to PayPal in defence of my claim.
I can only surmise that this seller "RAREDEALSAU" has decided not only, not to send me my remaining 3 generators, but also has decided to rip me off for the $1665.00 that I paid them for the 3 remaining generators.
The reason I write this guide is to bring to the attention of perspective buyers, that not all sellers are genuine in their dealings and any unsubstantiated and unaccredited seller should be treated with caution
If you wish to buy multiple higher priced items of a less accredited seller such as this one when buying on Ebay, buy them one or two at a time. That way you wont get ripped off for as much.

UPDATE 24TH JUNE 2014.PayPay has reversed the payment of the $1665.00 that I payed for the 3 generators that I never received, I can only thank PayPal for their consideration in this matter and for the fair judgement.
A note in this case is that in their communication to me on the 24-7-14, "RAREDEALSAU" made me the proposal that follows.
Hello There,

We are happy to wear the cost and send you out the 3 generators.
Can you please help us out and close the dispute so we can move forward with this.

Best Regards,

Be aware that if you close a dispute or claim whilst in the middle of an action. YOU CANNOT REOPEN THAT CLAIM/DISPUTE. So if things are not done satisfactorily, you will have NO further recourse in that matter.
If you have opened a dispute or claim, do not close it until things have been finalised to your full satisfaction.
This is not just my advice, this advice came to me from PayPal.

As for these Chinese 4.4kva inverter  generators, wether it has Fuji Micro Japanese electronics or not, I have found that some run really well on arrival, some run like a hairy goat, some stall as soon as you load up the generator.
After much consternation with my earlier purchases, I found the common denominator in the problematic ones.
I blamed carburettors and step motors that regulate the throttle. The one thing in common was the Chinese made spark plugs. These things come with a spare spark plug and sometimes fitting the spare worked a treat, sometimes the spare was cactus straight out of the box. These Chinese spark plugs can last for 5 years or 5 seconds, don't trust them to last any longer that the latter.
Bite the bullet and go and purchase 2 name brand American or Australian or English made spark plugs and keep them and your spark plug spanner handy with the generator.
If you are going to let these generators sit for extended periods, I suggest you drain the fuel tank and run the generator until the fuel system is totally empty, otherwise you get stale fuel and serious starting problems.
Make sure the remote control switch on the generator is set to the off position or you will flatten the battery.
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