Packaging Your Guitar For Shipping

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So you have been successful in marketing & selling your guitar & payment has been cleared, it is time to package your item & send it off to it's new owner. Here are a few tips that we use & we hope it helps you out when the time comes to send your item.

Firstly, before you commence packaging your guitar make sure it is exactly as you have described in your listing, i realise this sounds quite basic but it is critically important. Next, make sure all the components are with the guitar. For example, we make sure that all our Bernie Rico Jr, Roberts Custom Guitars or guitars we have on commission have items checked off such as truss rod tool enclosed, registration details, whammy bar ( if it comes with a Floyd Rose or alike ) & any past paper work. Overall just check that you have ALL the items described for the guitar with the guitar in the case pocket.

Moving on, clean your case this makes sure that no debris can harm the guitar & it is good general housekeeping. The same of course applies to your guitar, give it a good clean with quality based guitar cleaning products and a soft cloth free of any debris ( so many people have scratched their finish via a small amount of debris being caught on an old cloth ).

The next step is to make sure your guitar is secured well in the case. When we ship a guitar which has a hard-case we make sure that the finger board is protected by a thin piece of foam around 1mm to 2 mm thick that sits between the strings & the finger board. This protective strip runs the length of the fret board & slightly wider. For an electric guitar we make sure we have the same foam covering the pickups & trem/bridge. 
We also place bubble wrap in the case cavity below the head stock & the 2 mm foam padding around the tips of the horns on the body such as we would do on a Bernie Rico Jr. Jekyll, Vixen or Alias guitar. With a guitar that has a soft case, depending on the quality of the case we may place a extra layer of thin foam around the guitar. It should be noted that all items within the guitar case must be secure & free from any movement, you don't want anything floating around inside the case.

Once the guitars secure it's time to box it all up, especially if it is being shipped via a freight company. If you still have the box the guitar came in, great, if not check out your local music store & ask if they have a guitar box to the dimensions you require, it is important to make sure the box is in good condition. We place a layer bubble wrap & then a layer of 2 mm foam on the inside of the bottom of the box that will wrap around the bottom of the case. From here we place any further documentation such as invoices, certificates , etc., in a A3 envelope inside the box & then follow the same system as we had done for the bottom of the box. We seal the box with a good quality packing tape & prepare for labelling.

Label your item clearly, making sure to carefully check that the shipping address is clear & all items are correct on the con note, if being transported by courier. You may want to ask your courier if they can place some fragile stickers on the box too.

Your guitar is now ready for dispatch. Once the guitar has left, we send our clients some tracking details & we can mark on our ebay page that the item has been sent.

We hope this guide helps with shipping your guitar, we welcome all questions. You can email us through our online store here at eBay & we will be please to assist.

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