Packaging options as a seller

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This guide is for you if you intend to sell on eBay Australia, or are already a seller but would like to learn additional tips when packaging and shipping.

So, what are my PACKAGING options?

Almost any item you sell is best packaged with bubble wrap. Wrapping with bubble wrap ensures that your item is as safe as possible when in the postman's hands (remember, they don't know if it's fragile or not!).

For items such as clothing, you can wrap them up with coloured tissue paper. Imagine how happy your buyer will be when they receive their package all gift-wrapped neatly!

Another tip is to try and make your item as flat as possible. The Post Office can throw packages on top of each other, so the more streamline your package is, the less likely it will have knocks from every angle. For example if you're sending 2 shoe boxes, it can be better to package them side-by-side inside the bubble wrap, than on top of each other.

Be sure to tape it all up securely with taping supplies. This ensures the items don't move in their packaging during the journey.

Lastly, it's always nice to write a short note thanking your buyer for their purchase, and requesting for their feedback if they are happy with the item.

So, what are my SHIPPING options?

You can calcuate your package's total weight with a set of weighing scales, and check on the Australia Post website for the cost. A package sent via standard mail within Australia starts at $3.50, and a package sent via Airmail internationally starts at $8.50.

You can use a  box or  bubble envelope to put your item in.

You can buy  pre-paid satchels to put your wrapped item in. I highly recommend this option as you won't have to get your package weighed at the Post Office to purchase stamps (no one likes waiting in queues!) and it's much quicker and easier - you can pop your satchel into any Red (regular mail) or Yellow (express) post box.

Here's what you can buy:
Red regular mail 500g
Red regular mail 3kg
Yellow express mail 500g
Yellow express mail 3kg

Don't forget, you can also buy label stickers - I like to buy these with my own name and address on them, so I can simply stick the sticker on the Sender box and not have to worry about writing out my details for every single package I send. What a time-saver!

So, what are my REGISTRATION/INSURANCE options?

I recommend urging buyers to purchase registration/insurance in your auctions. It is a mere $2.50 for registration within Australia, which comes with up to $100 value of insurance. If you need additional insurance, you can do so by paying extra for each additional $100 value that you require.

International registration is $7.50 for the first $100 value, and whilst it is pricier, it is worth it for peace of mind.

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