Packing a Pram or Large Parcel for Courier Pickup

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The purpose of this guide is to help people pack a pram (can be applied to just about any item though) for courier. By offering courier on your listing you widen your market to include potential buyers that can't do a local pickup which will help you achieve a better final price. I find it easier to organise the courier from my end and have found a selection of couriers that have reasonable pricing and have websites that have online quoting calculators which enables me to give potential buyers an accurate quote when the send me their postcode. Packing really is simple and takes very little time - it is comparable to organising a pickup then waiting around for a local pickup buyer.

There are three main things needed for packaging, these are packing tape, bubblewrap and an outer layering of some kind - I use a product called stretchwrap by Scotch 3m but in the early days before I discovered that I would just use large black garbage bags. Stretchwrap can be bought from Big W or Bunnings and looks expensive at first but I can wrap 8-12 prams from a roll which makes it worthwhile. I have also found Bunnings the cheapest for Bubblewrap, I buy the wide sheets in 10m lengths as I find this adequately covers the pram in one go (I get 2 prams/large parcels from one length). Packing tape is packing tape - I used the thick clear stuff that way I can tape over the courier labels with it as well to ensure they don't come off.

1. Remove all removable parts - this ensures you will get the smallest possible packaging dimensions. Removable parts include wheels, hoods, front bars and accessories (ie cupholder).
2. Unroll a section of bubble wrap and lay it out flat
3. Fold the Pram chassis and place on the flat section of bubble wrap
4. Pack all the removable stuff into the pram seat (and underbasket if you can), so that you don't have bits protruding from the main chassis' footprint. You may find certain bits (ie wheels) will increase the dimensions of the main footprint, this can't be helped but aim for a final package that is as small as possible.
5. Pull bubblewrap roll over the top so that the entire package is covered. Tack it in place with some packing tape so that it doesn't move around (if you wish you can go around the chassis again so that you have 2 layers off bubblewrap). If using garbage bags you will need to use more tape then if you are going to use stretchwrap - my suggestion is loop the entire package at both ends the loop around the other direction in the centre 

6A. GARBAGE BAGS - you will need the largest possible size available (I use the ones that go in the council bins), Place entire package into bag - you may need to put one on from either end and then tape the same as above.

6B. STRETCHWRAP - Tape the end of the stretch wrap to the bubble wrap and loop around the package until it is completely covered, if your bubblewrap is tight enough you can stand the package on its end and the accessories shouldn't fallout - This will make this step easier to complete. Once you have covered the entire package cut the stretchwrap and tape the end down. Go around the Package once in each direction with packing tape.

7. Take your final package dimensions and weight and book your courier (or give them to the buyer so that they can organise the courier).

8. Attach any courier documentation supplied to you.

Please Note: If you pram has a bassinette attachment I would suggest you wrap this separately using the same basic method as above, so that you end up with 2 packages. It is cheaper to send 2 smaller packages then one huge one :)

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