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We are now based in the UK.
Our Kiln is out of storage at last and we are getting warmed up making glass beads.

We will be adding some new Ebay auctions starting with a few small sets and one off focals whilst we get back into the practice of melting glass at the torch.

We began lampworking in 2005 and had a regular following on Ebay until we closed down to do a really big house move, from one side of the world back to the other!.

We love Australia, Ian is from a Town called Alice, the red centre of Australia, but had called England home for many years before we decided to give it a go over there where he has family. I was pretty homesick though, I had an insular existence, after 6 years of experiencing a totally different way of life, we moved back to England...

We learned a lot, and living in Australia gave us a love of being as self-sufficient as possible, and the motivation to start our own business. We have been running a small bead shop since 2005, and this sort of took over our lives, but now I want to re-focus on having an outlet for my pent up creativity. If you are a jewellery designer/beadmaker/artist, then you too understand how important this is for the wellbeing of your soul.

I like working in an earthy organic way, I like the natural tactile shape of pebbles, at the moment, my thing is making beads I feel emulate that special lucky pebble you pick up at the beach and rub in your hand. Ian laughs at my beads and calls them monsters, cheeky man, he complains they take up too much space in the kiln. Ian makes more sets than me, this is because he has had more time at the torch and leaves all the photographing, listing etc to me.

My mind is set, I am training him to do at least half of the work of getting the beads online, so I can spend some more time at the torch!

We hope you like our work
Kerry & Ian

www. alchemyandice .com

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