Paint Protection - By Colour Shield.

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Paint Protection - Colour Shield

Colour Shield is a revolutionary paint protection that uses high quality and durable acrylic elements. In layman's language the formulae is a high quality and a superbly engineered system. Each ingredient has its own function and enhances each other in the overall finished product.

In the preparation solution a "cationic"positive) surfactant is used to purge the pores of the surface to be treated, and magnetically charge the surface in a positive polarity. The pores are cleansed and charged and are ready to receive the unique or negatively charged molecules of PTFE. They are pulled into the pores magnetically and held there while all of the protective chemicals have cross linked, bonded and cured, locking the PTFE into the paint and preventing drifting, fading and degradation of the paint for years to come. Solar heat will expand the PTFE molecules to give even further protection.

The above is a very technical explanation, but in simple terms, waxes do not protect the vehicles finish nor do silicones. The Patented Paint Protection is the only System that has been engineered to solve all of the problems and preserve the painted surface for many years to come and best of all you can apply it yourself saving expensive application fees.

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