Par Cans and LED Par Cans

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Parabolic Aluminized Reflector light, or as they are more commonly known, PAR cans are by far the cheapest and most robust lighting fixtures available for bands, theatres and events. They are cheap, simple and easy to use providing a soft edged, unfocussed area of light that can be coloured with the use of coloured gel sheets. For optimum safety, ensure the units have an integrated parsafe and be confident of after sales support from your supplier. Remember, they come in many different shapes and sizes.

The new range of LED PAR cans are even more efficient and greater value for your dollar. With an unlimited amout of achieveable colour, an LED PAR will allow for over 100 000 hours (on average) of smooth, rich, colourful lighting without the need for a globe or continual change of Gel's. Greater advantages extend to minimal electrical consumption and no heat emmisions from the LEDS - providing you with savings on your running costs. Run the LED cans through a Lighting controller and you can transform the mood and look of any venue with the touch of a button!

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