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Loot Party Favour Bags the Easy Way

A little less than 10 years ago, Loot Party Bags were an optional extra when planning a Kids Birthday Party. Indeed, not so long before we gave out Loot Party Bags, it was the norm for children to show their appreciation with a hand-written Thank You Note. Fast forward to today, & Loot Party Bags have grown to be an essential at a Kid's Birthday Party. 

In this guide, I outline five concepts to make your Loot Party Bags fantastic. I also offer some Party Favour ideas for the DIY Party Planner & alternatives for the Time Poor. 

1. Make it Fun

First & foremost, for Kids Loot Party Bags, it is essential that your Party Favours are big on fun. Interactive is good, think Puzzles, Spinners, Fly Toys, Movable Parts & DIY.  Kids love wearable, Silicone Wrist Bands, Beads, Rings, & Masks are on-trend.  

Girls often go for adorable & cute, mix & match, glitter, bling, fimo. Boys tend toward something they can touch & operate, light-up & glow, self-propelled & spring loaded, slime & goo. Lastly, colour is fun so the Balloons & Accessories you choose should add to the fun factor.

2. Make it Appropriate

The safety of your Party Guests is paramount. While the face of every boy will light up at the sight of a Sling Shot LED Helicopter, a better option for younger kids may be an LED Finger Light. Provide Favours that interest your Party Guests. It is unrealistic to assume that you can provide for each child's preference, however, there is no point giving a Dress-Up Doll Loot Party Bag if the Party Girl is into horses. 

3. Make it Simple

I like to keep in mind what a Loot Party Bag actually is. in the scheme of my Party. Realistically, a Party Loot Bag is a token "Thank You" to your Party Guests. So while "Thank You" is appropriate and important, there is equally less need for a grand gesture.

Generally speaking, Standard (No Lolly) Loot Bags will usually contain at least three (3) Party Favours, one (1) Balloon, & one (1) Noise Maker.  Some skip Party Favours and go for a Candy Bag, others might include a Lolly Pop with the Favors. I personally find that a  well planned, 3 to 5 Favour, Party  Loot Bag with Party Accessories keeps things simple, yet visually appealing & stimulating for kids.

4. Make it Theme

You don't need to spend a small fortune on the newest Disney Party Favours to put a Party Theme together. Novelty Toys are available in all shapes, sizes, & price range, hence the choice is yours. A Party Theme can be as simple as  matching colours, or as elaborate as you like.

A Craft Theme might include a Scratch Card, Stickers,  Grow Toy, or a DIY Loom Band Set. Buy Party Favours that tie in together,  try matching Stationary, or Stickers that tie in with your main Party Favour. A variety of Party Favour Toys are available for you to investigate, so do some homework and make the Loot in the Party Bag make sense.

5. Make it Worth It

With the rise in Pre-packed Loot Party Bag sellers, there is now an affordable and convenient alternative to making your own Loot Party Bags. Shop around and consider the price you will pay to source, sort, & pack retail Party Favours.

The cost of single Party Novelty Toys, Bags, Balloons, & Noise Makers adds up quickly when buying for a crowd. Prepack Loot Party Bags can save you precious time, not to mention the funds that can be redirected in your Party Budget. 
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