Party Games for Toddlers

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This recently released eBook presents 50 time-proven party games, chosen with particular attention for pre-school children of 1 to 5 years.  Tried and tested, safe and secure games, with fun in mind.  It is exclusive and available only from mymy eBay store

Included is valued advice to help parents and party organisors, written by an educationist with 40 years experience, it is the complete solution for toddler's party games.

Many of these games have educational benefits, as well as the controlled teaching of the young mind to learn how to socialise and communicate sucessfully with other children and adults.

The idea is that the re-instatement of traditional party games can help to induce dicipline at an early age and will help to overcome 'child problems'.


These supervised body & mind exercises require teamwork & collaboration with old and new playmates and can help to teach toddlers how to avoid aggression developing within them.  It can also help in their future, with 'adult problems' of not being able to harmonise in mixed, over-populated communities.

From old favourites like 'Oranges and Lemons' and 'Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses' to more modern game like 'Throwing a smile', parents and other party organisors will feel confident and safe when using these established and proven games. The toddlers will experience results, achieve satisfaction and gain confidence.

Birthdays can be a major turning point in a child's life.  The overall result is fun & enjoyment for everyone involved.


Research has shown that children of an early age need to be guided through meeting, socialising, communicating and competing with other human beings.  They need to have FUN; to smile openly and express themselves with laughter, as this helps to overcome any inhibitions they may have. 

They also need to uderstand that dicipline is not a BAD thing, it is what makes the world go round, self decipline is something that they should view with pride. The child that doesn't have a tantrum because they didn't win 'Pass the Parcel' is more likely to grow into a well balanced, caring adult.

The development of the parents of the future is our responsibility TODAY.

Party games for Toddlers is available from my eBay storeEBOOKROOM

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