Passing Away, Loss and Funerals

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Passing Away, Loss, And Funerals: A Process Of Acceptance And Of Relinquishing

Funeral services for a dearly departed is one action that can help you in confronting your grief. Giving honor to the dead is part of almost all cultures in the world since ancient times. The manner of giving tribute gives comfort, support, and solace for those who are left behind.

Grief is an individual's innate reaction to loss. It is the pain we undergo when we lose something that or someone who we love as dearly as our own lives.

Several examples of grieving for the loss of a person or something are the following:
- you have split up with someone - you lost your job - loss of the opportunity to follow a dream - you learn that a person very close to you is dying from a deadly disease - the medical tests came in and you found out that you are suffering from a serious illness - your spouse declares that the marriage is ended and needs a divorce - you lost the trust of your best friend - your pet passed away - the person you love dies suddenly

All these examples can lead us to experience grief. Of all the examples mentioned above, we experience the most intense grief if a loved one - be this a son or daughter, a mother or father, or a spouse - dies. Nothing can ever be a substitute for their place in our feelings and memories.

These cherished people may have been everything in our lives. And life loses its former colors due to their deaths. We feel the pain of having someone we love taken away from us. Yet, in grieving, we have the hope of being able to heal our anguish and allow our lives to move onwards again.

There are no set instructions in grieving. Yet we must opt for healthy ways to express grief, which can encourage the healing that we need after suffering from loss.

It is common misconception that grief must be done by weeping every time we recall our departed loved ones. Tears are not the only signs of sorrow. Someone may seem silent, as if unfazed; yet deep within, they also suffer from the loss.

Also, grieving, contrary to what is commonly said, does not last for a set time period. The duration of the grieving process will be different for one person compared with another. If you are grieving, don't force yourself to immediately "get over it." Time mends all pains and anguish.

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