Patio Greenhouse

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Patio Greenhouse.

A patio greenhouse and a regular-sized greenhouse have the same functions. The only difference is the size, but all the basics apply to both. A patio greenhouse is very handy for those gardeners that have limited space because they want the benefit of having portable flower houses and grow racks. Patio greenhouse gardening has become very popular with urban gardeners having condo patio, apartment balcony, or a small backyard.

 When you are interested in making a small patio greenhouse, you need to make a choice as to the type of patio greenhouse you will be building. You can choose between a lean-to or freestanding greenhouse.

It would definitely be important that you consider the location well irrespective of the type. The type of plants that you hope to grow will also determine the location. Most plants need much sunlight and therefore should be located in the eastern or southern side to ensure they get sufficient sunlight. The northern side should only be for plants that need little sunlight.

The lean-to style is frequently used as a kitchen garden with vegetables and herbs growing by a kitchen door, but they can be used for any of the same plant types as a free standing greenhouse. Some lean-to greenhouses are small and compact, but large ones are also available.

Choosing a wall on which you will attach a greenhouse should also be done with some consideration to the side. This small greenhouse will incorporate frames and shelves. The shelves should be placed not lower than 6 inches above the ground. Other consequent shelves should be determined by the intended planting’s height.

For freestanding structure, you could always consider locating the small patio greenhouse on the left or right side of the patio. Alternatively, it could be on the far end. In this endeavor, you will still have to consider the amount of sunlight exposure that the plants need. One thing that you will appreciate about the freestanding unit is that the sufficiency of the width gives you enough space to attend to the plantings.

A small patio greenhouse is a great way to start your seeds a little earlier in the season for outside planting. Many gardeners prefer to have one on the patio or balcony where the sun is more plentiful. A small patio greenhouse can be moved out of the way, if needed, or it can be permanent and used to show off some of your finest achievements in growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers in winter.

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