Paul Frank and Small Paul Designer Clothes for all ages

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Hi from Wrigglepots again!

Have you checked out the lovely range of brand name, designer clothes from Paul Frank and Small Paul? The clothes are very well made using wonderful fabrics, dyes and stitching. The company pays VERY close attention to detail and has built itself around a whole theme of characters. The details that are used are in the cut and design, colour, tags with characters, buttons and stitching. The line of clothes for toddlers, kids, teens and adults are mostly extremely colourful some are just a bold contrast, all reminiscent of the sixties. The cute characters are Julius the monkey who help set good morals and values, Clancy the giraffe, Sheree the cat and Worry Bear the bear. Plus there are other animal friends.The clothes are easy to launder and keep well whether folded or hung.

You must check out their website! It not only has the usual about themselves, but it has cartoons for kids, downloads of prints and downloads for mobiles. Also lots of  media and news, design your own t-shirt, bedding, bikes, books, eye wear, furniture, scrubs,watches,wallets, phone holders and more to come I'm sure. Their locations are in the USA, England and through-out Europe.

Look out for when a store opens near you and add some fun and colour to your life!

Bye for now, Sonia, Wrigglepots.
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