Pay by Credit Card is safe and gives some protection

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Using your credit card for internet or mail order purchases is one of the safest payment methods available as it provides buyers protection against non delivery. If the seller does not send out your item,  report/complain to your credit card provider who will investigate and if you paid and the seller did not send the goods, the money will be refunded back to your credit card.

Paying by credit card gives you protection you do not get if you pay with bank deposit, cheque, money order.

No-one can process unauthorised transactions on your credit card and get away with it if you report it to your credit card provider. Any unauthorised transactions you report will be investigated and the entries on your credit card will be reversed. Scammers can only get away with it if you do not report it to your credit card provider.

Want to buy on ebay or on a website and the seller takes credit card payments. To be able to process credit card payments the seller has to have a merchant credit card facility, which means, the seller has to be a registered business. To be a registered Australian business the seller will have an Australian Business Number ( ABN). If the seller has provided their ABN in their listings you can check if the number exists and who it is registered to.

To check if an ABN exists do a google search for ABN.

If you are going to pay by credit card on the screen, if you want to be sure you are using a secure webpage, the URL has to be, https whereas other webpages are http the secure payment page needs to have s after http

The secure page I use also displays the security certificate which a customer can click onto to check the identity of who the security certificate belongs to - check that who-ever is processing the credit card payments really is who they claim to be.

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