PayPal Scam

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Just thought I'd alert everyone to a PayPal scam I received the other day.
I had an email purportedly from PayPal which looked quite legitimate.
It stated that suspicious activity had been noted on my account and that activity had been limited until I logged in and "took action".  The email very helpfully provided the links for me to do so!
This one was a little more professionally produced than most others - looked just like a PayPal email, had my name and email address, used a specific date for the supposed suspect activity and had lots of links within the email.

I forwarded it immediately to PayPal (, who confirmed that it was fake.
Important points:
  • NEVER follow a link on an email - access PayPal through My EBay.
  • When accessing PayPal check for the security icon (padlock) at bottom right of your browser & make sure it is "locked".
  • Before entering information check that the web address in your browser begins with "https".
  • Even if your name is used in the email it's no guarantee that it's genuine - everyone you transact with (buyer or seller) has your name & usually your email and , if you're a seller, knows whether you have a PayPal account!
  • ALWAYS forward suspect emails to the above address & PayPal will confirm whether it is genuine or a scam.
  • After forwarding, consign it to your trash & DELETE it!
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