Paying As Little As Possible on Ebay!

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Ebay is an addiction, but it can clear out your pockets pretty quickly. "There are just so many goodies I want!" I can almost hear you say. Here's a few tips to get more spending less...and use the remaining cash to buy more!

Bidding- Get Tactful!

T here's a reason some auction's prices shoot up to the sky at the very last minute! When you find an item you like, watch it until the last 10 or so minutes (there is also the double advantage of having extra time to decide whether you really want the item) and then bid. This doesn't guarantee the price will be lower than if you bid 3 days before the end of the auction, but at least there will be a better chance of you paying less (i.e: if everyone waits until the last minute to bid, there also won't be as much time to bid therefore the price will not rise as much)


A handy way for sellers to earn extra cash, postage can be a crutch to a buyer. Don't fall for the 99 cents auction, check the postage first! Hasty bidders may rue their actions!

(I realize the above picture may be hard to read: the bidding started at $0.01 but the postage was set at $80)

 Regular postage is usually the cheapest option avaliable, but beware! If the item is lost in the post and you have not bought insurance then there is a good chance you will not see your money (or the item) again.


Before you go and spend $100 on that special jacket, check around first! Ebay is such a large place, if your item is branded (i.e: Sass & Bide, Tsubi) there's a very good chance there'll be more than one of your item avaliable. Ebay has a very handy tool to do just this (note that you have to be watching the two or more items first and have them selected before using this tool): Compare

Don't forget to check the postage for both auctions and add it onto the final price when you're comparing!

Payment Methods- Choose Wisely

There are a number of payment methods offered by Ebay, but some are more buyer-friendly while others are more seller-friendly.


Money Order- Can be cashed easily at a Post Office by the seller upon receipt. However, it incurs a fee of approximately $3 extra for the buyer.

Paypal- Quick and easy to set up and incurs no charge for the buyer. Even offers options to fund a Paypal account from the user's back account. However, charges a 2.4% + 30 cents of the final price for the seller.

Personal Cheque- No charge for the seller, but sometimes incurs charges for the buyer (i.e: person writing the check). Also a bit of a hassle as it takes a while for the cheque to clear. (Add that to the time it takes to reach the seller through post and you've got about a week's extra waiting time)

Bank Deposit- Arguably most popular form of payment on Ebay as seller simply makes their account information avaliable to their buyer and the buyer deposits correct amount into account via Internet Banking or a normal branch.

Here are Ebay Pages regarding Bank Deposit Express for Sellers / Buyers

I hope this has been of help, may you all keep spending thriftily and keep the bargains coming!

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