Paypal Problems

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I sold an item, on eBay Australia, to an Australian buyer, in Australian dollars. When the funds arrived into my Paypal account, they were exchanged into US dollars, then back to AU dollars when I withdrew the funds to my bank account. Of course, the rates that Paypal applies favour them in this transaction, though this 'exchange' takes place only on a computer screen..... no actual physical exchange takes place, just a representation of my funds in different currencies.

I lost $144.75 during this process, and on enquiry to Paypal, received an email dated June 1st, stating that the amount lost would be credited to my account within 72 hours. It is now July 1st, and three subsequent enquiries have been responded to as follows -

1. No knowledge of my supposed refund

2. A long tirade about how to chase up funds from my buyer that have not appeared in my Paypal account. Totally unrelated to my actual situation.

3. Same as (2)

A phone call on July 1st had to be abandoned after the operator was unable to understand my situation. I was unable to effectively state my problem due to the operators limited grasp of English. Not his fault, but no assistance to me.

I think now my only recourse is to seek legal advice, and to attempt to reclaim my missing money, including interest and reasonable costs associated with pursuing this matter. I have made over 150 transactions on eBay using Paypal, and this is the first trouble I have encountered, but the total lack of effective assistance from this organisation leaves me extremely wary of using this 'system' again

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