Paypal has reasons for which reason has no knowledge!

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I am both a buyer and a seller on Ebay. In my early days of trading, I purchased an item of clothing from the US that was described as 'New Without Tags'. When it arrived, it had an inch long tear across the front and 'balling' over a large part of the fabric - obvious signs of wear. I messaged the seller, who apologised profusely, saying her 'eyesight was not what it used to be'. She told me to send the item back and she would give me a full refund (less my original - and quite substantial - postage costs, of course). Already being out of pocket for the initial postage costs, I sent the item back to her as inexpensively as I could ($17.00AUD, truth be known), and kept the Aus Post receipt. A week or so later, the seller messaged me to say that she had received the item and that in her opinion it was 'not that bad', so she would not be refunding my money. The seller now had the item back and my payment. I, on the other hand, had no item, and was out of pocket for the purchase price of the item and 2 lots of postage. So, I put in a claim to Pay Pal who, in all their wisdom, ruled in favour of the seller because my receipt from Aus Post was not proof enough that I had sent the item back because it didn't have the sellers name and address on it - despite having written evidence from the seller admitting to having received the item. Go figure!


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