Pearl Care 101

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Pearl Care:

Do's and Don'ts for your new pearls

1) Don't wear your pearls in the pool, tanning, while you're working out, constructing, getting ready to go out, or working around any chemicals or pesticides.  Pearls come from living creatures and like any offspring, are fragile.  The nacre which coats the pearl and gives it luster and orient can be broken down and scratched by detergents, chemicals, creams, lotions, perfume, hair care products, and excessive human sweat.  Make sure your pearls are the last thing you put on after getting dressed and the first thing you take off before bed.  After taking them off, be sure to wipe them down with a soft, dust free cloth.

  Do wear your new pearls often.  The softness of the skin and its humidity are very good for pearls and help them retain their luster.  Excessive sweat, however, can harm them due to the salts and oils excreted by the human know, too much of a good thing.

2) Don't store your pearls in bank vaults or safety deposit boxes.  Bank vaults and safety deposit boxes are dry and will dry out your pearls leaving them with a dull, chalky appearance.

  Do keep your pearls in a pearl folder, necklace box, or soft, dust free cloth and store them in a humid environment.  The pearls will absorb the humidity and retain their luster without being scratched.

3) Don't ever try to clean your pearls using an ultrasonic device, jewelry cleaner, or denture cleaner (I've always hated those Efferdent commercials).  The aforementioned will ruin your pearls!  Remember, cultured pearls are not synthetic or enhanced pearls!  They come from living sea creatures who continue to live in the sea and produce more pearls after your pearl has been extracted.  With proper care, your pearls should have a lifespan of 100-200 years.

  Do wipe your pearls with a soft, dust free cloth after each time you wear them.  Once every six months (or once every two months if you wear them everyday), make a solution of one part Mr Clean and five parts water.  Dip a soft, nylon toothbrush in the solution, shake off the excess, dip the tooth brush in clean water, and then gently brush your pearls.  This will help your pearls regain and retain their original luster. 

4) Don't forget to insure your new pearls.  You've gone through the expense of purchasing them and your pearl dealer has gone through the trouble of having them independently appraised.  Therefore, present your appraisal to your insurance company and have them scheduled in your homeowner's policy.

  Do remember to renew your appraisal yearly.  If your pearls have been cared for and insured, you should receive replacement value in case of an unfortunate mishap.  Make sure you speak to your insurance agent about replacement value when you first insure your new pearls. 

Following these tips will help your pearls retain their value and style.  I hope you found this guide useful and informative.  If you have, please vote yes.  As always, if you have something to add, or some constructive criticism, please feel free to contact me.  Aloha and ahui hou!


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