Pencil Skirt Buying Guide

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Pencil Skirt Buying Guide

Adding a skirt to a woman's wardrobe can be fun, but finding one that fits well and looks good on can be a difficult task. With so many different types of skirts to choose from, it can be hard to find one that works well for a certain body type or a particular occasion. The pencil skirt is a great option for a woman who wants a versatile skirt that works for business setting as well as a night out on the town. When shopping for a pencil skirt, a woman should consider the different types of skirts then match the style that she is hoping to achieve. Before making a purchase, she should be sure to consider her body type so that she can find a skirt that flatters her figures rather than highlights any flaws. When looking for a large selection and great deals on pencil skirts, shoppers should consider browsing the wide range of pencil skirts available at eBay.

Pencil Skirt Types

While all pencil skirts have the same basic shape, there are a number of different styles for women to choose from. A pencil skirt is a slim-fitting skirt that has a hemline that falls just above the knee. There is often a slit in the back to make it easier to walk. Each style works for different occasions. It is common for women to have more than one pencil skirt in their wardrobes. Each pencil skirt style has a different appearance to create a new look without having to sacrifice the comfortable design.

Ruched Pencil Skirt

A ruched pencil skirt features a folded fabric to create a textured look. Rather than having fabric that goes straight down and hugs the body closely, the ruched pencil skirt adds dimension to the frame. This type of pencil skirt is ideal for a woman who has skinny legs and wishes to add curves. It is also ideal for women who want to wear a form-fitting pencil skirts but would also like to conceal the shape of their legs to a certain degree.

Peplum Pencil Skirt

A peplum pencil skirt has a flared overskirt at the top of the skirt. This added piece of fabric makes the pencil skirt look fun and also breaks up the streamlined look of the classic pencil skirt. As with the ruched fabric, the addition of the peplum adds curves to the figure. Combined with the narrow fit of the skirt, a peplum skirt can be worn to add both height and dimension to a woman's figure.

High-Waisted Pencil Skirt

The high-waisted pencil skirt is perhaps the most common and easily recognisable of all of the pencil skirts. It is a classic look that has been worn by women since the 1940s. This skirt has a waistband that sits either a few centimetres below the navel or a few centimetres above the navel. Unfortunately, this style draws attention to the stomach area, and therefore is not flattering for all body types. However, women with narrow waists and hourglass figures are able to pull off this retro style well.

Suits With Pencil Skirts

A suit with a pencil skirt is an alternative to a pantsuit. Many women want to have a professional appearance, but still want to have a feminine look. Many women's suits are sold with pencil skirts. They have matching jackets for a polished look, but the curves of the pencil skirt give the outfit a feminine look that the straight lines of a pantsuit cannot.

Pencil Skirt Styles

When shopping for a pencil skirt, it is a good idea for women to put together the outfits they wish to wear with them. This allows them to build a personal style around the looks that they hope to achieve. Pencil skirts can be worn for any occasion. Women can create business, trendy, and sexy outfits by incorporating the right tops and accessories.


For a business look, women want simple designs. They should choose skirts in solid colours, such as black or navy blue, and they should avoid flashy embellishments, like sequins. The shirt or blouse should always be tucked in, as this creates a polished look. A woman can pair a black leather pencil skirt with a solid coloured blouse and a dark jacket to create a casual yet sophisticated style that works for the office. Kitten heels are preferred over flats or high heels when in a workplace setting.


For a trendy and laid back look, a woman can pair a coloured pencil skirt with a black t-shirt. When paired with simple accessories and a pair of heels, this is an eye-catching look that is perfect for any occasion. Another option is to pair a dark pencil skirt with a tucked in blouse, cardigan, and flats to create a trendy look that works for every day.

Sexy and Sleek

Even though a pencil skirt is longer than a mini skirt, it can still be sexy. Whether dressing for a date or a night out on the town, a pencil skirt is versatile enough to handle it all. Women who like to shine can find pencil skirts with sequins and other shiny embellishments. Paired with a simple top and high heels, any woman wearing this outfit is ready to hit the town. Women can also replace their little black dresses with black pencil skirts and simple black tops. With a wide belt and strappy shoes, all of a woman's curves are highlighted and her legs are elongated for a sleek and sexy look.

Body Type Considerations

When choosing a pencil skirt, not all styles work for all body types. Women need to take their own body types into consideration before making their selections. Since each body has different features and areas that need to be highlighted, women should know what to look for when shopping. The body types as well as the types of pencil skirts that work for each body type are listed in the table below.

Body Type

What to Look For


A slim fit that contours the body; the waist should be at or below the navel

Full Hips and Thighs

Skirt should taper slightly at the bottom; skirt should be made from a dark colour and stretchy fabric


Fitted and tapered skirt made from a heavy fabric; a high or embellished waistband help to create an hourglass look

Large Midsection

A skirt with a wide waistband to hold in the tummy; avoid details or decorations that draw attention to the waist

The pencil skirt works well for any body type. The key is to choose the skirt that complements a woman's best features and creates a balanced look. Women should avoid choosing skirts that draw attention to the areas that they do not consider flattering. Fortunately, with a number of styles and designs to choose from, there is certainly no shortage of options.

How to Buy a Pencil Skirt on eBay

If you are ready to add a pencil skirt to your wardrobe, then be sure to check out eBay. In this large online marketplace, you can find great deals on pencil skirts of all types, styles, and sizes. Start your search by entering 'pencil skirt' into the search bar. This brings up all listings that match those keywords. Since you likely have thousands to choose from, select categories and options to narrow down the list further. For example, you can choose the size, colour, fabric, condition, and more to match the skirt that you want to buy.

Once you have a smaller number of skirts to choose from, sort them by price so that you can find the skirts that fit in your budget. Additionally, look at the pictures and read the item descriptions to see the item more closely. Before making a final decision, be sure to view the seller's feedback score to see what other buyers have to say about their service. This way you get to decide who you purchase from.


A pencil skirt is a slim-fitting skirt that is cut right above the knee. Aside from that, these skirts come in a wide range of styles and designs so they can be worn in just about any setting. With simple designs, the pencil skirt creates a sophisticated look that is suitable for the office. Choose wild colours or decorations to create a fun and trendy look. For everyday wear, pencil skirts can be paired with comfortable tops and flats. The possibilities are endless, which is why many women choose to have this versatile skirt in their wardrobes. Not all styles work for all figures, so it is important for women to take that into consideration their body shapes when shopping for pencil skirts. To find a large selection and great deals on new and used pencil skirts, women should shop on eBay.

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