People Make Money and Get Out of Debt Selling on eBay

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People Make Money and Get Out of Debt Selling on eBay


Are you trying to reduce debt? 
Do you know how to get money to fix your problems?


Hi Everyone....Here's my tip for the week!

Sell run-out stock from retail stores using eBay.


If you don't have much money to invest in generating business income and you are desperately trying to "dig your way out of debt" then it's time you tried this easy to implement, low cost business.

This style of business is called selling on consignment.

You set up a joint venture relationship with a retailer where everyone wins.
The retailer you approach has old stock that is not moving off their shelves. 

All you have to do is the following:

  • Check out whether these products sell well and offer a good profit through eBay.
    You can easily find out this information by checking out the 'completed listings' in eBay.


  • Once you've determined that the market is 'hot' for this product in eBay, then approach the business owner.


  • Offer the owner a solution to the ongoing problem of moving old or outdated stock.  Often retailers make a significant loss on these products because they just can't sell them.


  • Ask if they would be interested in setting up a joint venture relationship where you sell these items on 'consignment'.  Consignment means that you don't actually pay for the stock until you find a buyer for the stock.


  • It is wise for you to hold the stock rather than the retailer.  The reason is that if you sell this item on eBay and the retailer sells it at the same time, then you have just sold something that doesn't exist.  Not good.

  • I suggest that when you set up this relationship with the retailer, you ask for 50% of the sale price.  You will need to help the retailer understand that without you, it is likely that they will have to dispose of the stock and make no money at all.


So what are you waiting for?  Give it a go!!

'Til next time


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