Perfumes are a dangerous good - postage restrictions

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eBay Australia has a Dangerous Goods policy which can be viewed  here. This policy states:

A few hazardous materials may lawfully be transported under certain conditions if they are properly packaged and labelled. Such items may be listed on eBay, provided that the listing contains a clear notice of the hazardous nature of the material, and a description of the planned method of postage that complies with the law.

As per individual State, Federal and International laws and regulations, perfumes are classified as a Class 3 Flammable Liquid. This is a definition set down by the International Air Transport Association via their Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Under these regulations, perfumes can not be sent legally via air (and in some instances, sea) transport unless they have been declared as Dangerous Goods. This has the effect that perfumes can not be sent legally via any Australia Post service in which they may be carried by air - these services include Express Post, Registered Mail, and even normal mail.

The only way that one is able to send perfumes in the mail legally with Australia Post is if the sender has entered into a contract with Australia Post for the carriage of dangerous goods. Once the contract with Australia Post is in place, all perfumes are then required to be sent via road only.

Heavenly Perfumes strongly recommend all shoppers who purchase fragrances online to determine from the seller that they hold a current dangerous goods contract for the safe and legal transportation of fragrances.   Unfortunately a vast majority of fragrance sellers do not have a current dangerous goods contract, place fake disclaimers on their listings and send your purchases illegally, thus breaking the law and consumers risk their purchases being confiscated by the state, federal and international authorities that govern the safe and legal transportation of fragrances.
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