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Picking a Removalists or Relocation Service in Australia:

express door to door

The Cheapest may not be the best choice, but the most expensive may not be either?.

How to tell

First qualify what you want the Removalist to do

  • Everything ! OK
  • Make sure they have a depot or base in the town city you live in & one where your going if Interstate
  • Make sure the operation is clean and tidy ( this generally shows clean habits clean work)
  • Make sure they have or offer Insurance
  • Make sure they ask all the following questions (why because you want to make sure your getting the right company and ultimatley you want them too come to your home and quote it and for that you dont wont someone who will waiste your time, serious operators and removal companies will ask these questions so they can committ time needed and labor.. ( if they dont ask this then chances are they will put as many jobs in for that day and you could find yourself without a removalist)
  1.  House size
  2.  Sheds / Outdoor /plants
  3.  Access  to the house and the new house
  4. Furniture list ( have one ready ) or walk through house on a handheld phone
  5. Any peices that require special care or handling.
  6. The operator will them cost it within a costing frame work if it is small or make a time to come and appraise the relocation at your home for larger relocations or Interstate Removals.
  7. Most good operators will then sugest this to ensure all is right for yourself and them.

 Your Questions

  1. How long in business
  2. How many men will be supplied
  3. What size truck ( so its done in one move)
  4. What are terms of payment
  5. What is covered by Insurance
  6. What recourse do you have for claimimg damages
  7. What assurances do they give for time keeping
  8. Do they provide a single point of contact for your removal( much better for you  if a problem occurs)

I explain these and other points to my customers at Express Door to Door Removals and advise them to seek expressions of interest from other removal companies to ensure that they can confirm what I have said and receive the best possible outcome for them and their families.

I beleive that a client is the single most important person in my business and as such deserves the right information and service.  If they dont use our service thats OK we just hope that they are looked after and treated well.  Expressd2d Removals is not a huge Removal company ( 30 years Service) but is Australia-wide and does offer the very best in its service and delivery.

Feel free to call and seek advise its free even if your not going to use us, if  we can help we will and thats a promise.

Good luck  


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