Photos and Listings

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Having trouble selling? Could be unclear photos of your item.

Here are a few tips for taking good photos.

The general idea is that your item is easily seen. Remember: people are buying sight unseen.

1. Clean the lens!

2. Don't take photos of object outside in the shade or them in the sun and turn them round to face sun for multiple shots.

3.Place dark objects on light backgrounds.

4. Place light objects on dark backgrounds.

5.Place floral/patterened items on plain backgrounds....not fussy, not wood.

-brown leather shoes on wooden floors/ dark carpets don't show well.

6.Don't upload out of focus shots.

7. Always try to have them the right way up....not sideways.

8. Iron clothes for sale, they look 10 times better.

9. Show any faults of item, that way a buyer can't come back at you.

10. If your picture is NOT the actual item for sale, say so in the listing.

REMEMBER: peoples monitors vary, some are quite dark so they don't show photos well unless the photos are quite distinct.

Happy ebaying

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