Pick Up Services vs Paypal 'Non-Received' Dispute

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Always get a proof of collection is not sufficient, according to paypal's officials. So, if you offer a 'Pick Up' services, how to prevent nasty disputes after the goods have been collected by customer already?

Here are some thoughts, and if anyone has brighter ideas, please feel free to share with our hard working sellers.

1. Install security cameras, even if it means it's a dummy one. Display signs like ' Security Camera Installed', or 'Smile~ Cuz you are on Camera!' This way if a dispute arisen, you can always contact the buyer first and indicated that the tape will be handed over to the right authority, including the police. 90% will back off. Stay courtesy, but with confident, anyhow, you donot want this kind of returned customers ever again.

2.  If the value of your item is significant, say over $75 ( that's paypal's benchmark for not requiring a proof of postage), ask politely for an ID, DO NOT PHOTOCOPY it, but record the number, like driver's license number etc. Be aware that, there are heaps of fake driver's license out there. Check his/her age; check for any mis-spell of names or street name or suburb; verify the signature. You may be afraid that this could annoy your customer, but hey, it's your money, your hard earning cash, do the checks will ensure less dispute.

3. At last, but not least, get to know your customer. Be a super star, chat with your customer when you can, introduce your name, take initiative of using the warm handshake will earn you the bonus trust!


Thanks for reading my thoughts, and if you think it's somehow useful, please vote for me. Thanks again. :)

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