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Pirelli Motorcycle Tyre Buying Guide

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Pirelli Motorcycle Tyre Buying Guide
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Pirelli Motorcycle Tyre Buying Guide

Manufacturers are always trying to make their motorcycles faster and better. As they do, tyre companies such as Pirelli have to keep up by producing tyres that can stick to the track at high speeds. They must handle the heavy amounts of wear without hindering performance.

Shopping for new Pirelli tyres is overwhelming because there are so many models to choose from. However, having so many options also means that there is a perfect tyre available for each shopper. Pirelli makes rubber for several kinds of motorcycles as well as tyres that match the skill of the rider.

Why Choose Pirelli

The Pirelli company is based in Milan, Italy. It went public 1922 so it has been around long enough to become one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. There are 22 Pirelli manufacturing sites in many different countries. With over 10,000 distributors, it is obvious that their products are popular. In fact, Pirelli was a sponsor for the Formula One Championship between 2011 - 2013.

Pirelli uses a number of advanced technologies to construct their tyres. The kind of design depends on the type of tyre.

Radial Carcass Construction

Radial carcass construction involves using a steel single belt. Building the tyres this way allows the tyre to stay rigid and distribute the stiffness between shoulder and crown.

Radial Cross Belted Construction

Radial cross belted construction involves winding steel chords radially around the tyre. This allows the tyres to remain stable in addition to being lightweight. They are also rigid like the radial carcass tyres. These tyres offer great high-speed performance due to their low weight in combination with the rigidity.

Bias Belted Construction

These tyres have a carcass and belt with at least two layers. Each layer has a different purpose. The belt reduces dynamic deformation. The carcass's job is to keep the tyre stiff.

Cross Ply Construction

The carcass of these tyres have at least two layers. Each one has woven textile cords that are rubber coated. These tyres are strong and used for off-road bikes.

Shopping for Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres

Since Pirelli makes a number of tyre models for motorcycles, there are several ways to shop for them. For example, there are specific tyres for each style of motorcycle.

Shop by Type of Motorcycle

Each kind of motorcycle requires a different type of tyre. Off-road tyres are not effective on racing bikes or vice versa. Pirelli manufactures a large line of tyres for shoppers.

Tyre Type


Track tyres

Intended for racing

Handles extreme speeds of race tracks

Does not easily overheat from friction

Road tyres

Intended for street bikes that travel on paved roads at high speeds

Handles all road conditions

Can grip wet roads

Last longer than track tyres

Cruiser tyres

Extra grip to accommodate all types of weather

Intended for comfort and function

Off-road tyres

Has a knobby tread to grip the road

Thick rubber prevents any sharp objects from puncturing the tyre

Occasionally come with bead locks to stop tyres from shifting on the rim

There are dozens of tyres available within each model and manufacturer. The right tyre depends on the rider, road conditions, and intended purpose.

Shop by Skill Level

The skill level of the motorcycle rider also makes a difference in what kind of tyres to get. When it comes to their track tyres, Pirelli makes tyres for both the amature and the professional. Beginners may not need tyres advanced enough to handle extreme speeds.

Shop by Tyre Size

Part of shopping for motorcycle tyres is finding the correct size. The easiest way to do this is to look at the numbers indicated on the current tyres. The number should include the tyre width, aspect ratio, speed rating, construction, and diametre of the rim.

Motorcycle Tyre Width

The width of the tyre is the distance from the one sidewall to the other. Since this is hard to measure on one's own it is a good idea to use the measurement that is on the tyre. It is always the first number in the five-part series numbers.

Motorcycle Tyre Aspect Ratio

The second number in the series indicates the aspect ratio of the tyre. The aspect ratio is the height of the tyre in relation to its width.

Motorcycle Tyre Speed Rating

The speed rating is the maximum kilometres per hour that the rider can go before the tyres reach their limits. Shoppers should pay attention to this rating when riding so that they do not put themselves at risk.

Motorcycle Tyre Rim Diameter

The last number indicates the diameter of the rim. It is measurement from one side of the rim to the other. This is different than the width of the rim. Think of it as the height of the rim without the tyres on it.

How to Buy

Pirelli motorcycle tyres are sold all over the world so once you find a set you want, you can shop for them on eBay. Some of the sellers on the site even offer free delivery to your home. Enter the Pirelli tyre model into the search field on the eBay site. This produces a list of products for you to compare against each other. Look for the Top-rated sellers because they have an established reputation on eBay. If there aren't any, just read the reviews that the seller has from their past clients.

You can also browse through the eBay Deals page to see if there are any tyres on sale, or other accessories that you may be interested in for your motorcycle.

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