Pitfalls in Taking Jewellery for an 'Objective Opinion'

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Imagine buying a car and then immediately going to another rival car company and asking the Sales Representative of the rival whether the car you bought is as equally as good as the one that he has for sale – that’s the same as taking your eBay purchase to the Main Street Jeweller for an alleged ‘independent and objective opinion’.

How objective will this opinion be?

Please check out our article on valuation:


Please be aware that there are pitfalls in trying to obtain an ‘objective opinion’

Your purchase will instantly be recognised as an eBay purchase if it is 14K gold and this is not common in Australia; 9K and 18K being the standards in Australia.

Remember that generally the Main Street jeweller hates eBay with a ferocity because we can so easily undercut their prices.

We have seen so many dishonest misuses of ‘valuation’ that the very best recommendation I can give and the one I would personally use myself is to look at other comparable items on eBay (NOT the regular or even discounted jeweller’s prices as their prices will be at least double too high – even when discounted) and make your own personal judgment.

While there are no doubt very many honest dealers in the jewellery industry, it is also equally true that there is a significant minority that are clearly not completely honest. We have had instances where a jeweller who is more than willing to tell you and to advertise that they’re reputable has looked directly into the eyes of a customer and then lied in order upset the customer in returning their eBay purchase and then attempt to sell their own overpriced offerings.


We have a large range of items at NRS-Diamonds & are constantly updating our stocks (http://stores.ebay.com.au/NRS-GEMS-and-DIAMONDS)

And just in case you’re not happy with your purchase we offer refunds as detailed in our eBay advertising & we’re always happy to provide advise.

We want happy customers who think so much of us that they come back time & time again!



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