Plan A Eurovision Party

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The most important thing with planning a Eurovision Party is the focus. It's not about the music or the dancing, it's about the company and the fun to be had taking the, well, you know.
First things first, you need to have a supply of your preferred beverage. The sort that is served in shot glasses often delivers the best results.
Then you need a game to use the beverage in. Ones where a shot is administered when "peace" "love" or "happiness" is often the most effective and most dangerous.
The administration of a shot can only occur once for each of the key words during any one performance. So with the average of 26 to 34 songs over the semi final and the final, this opens the door to becoming entirely blotto!
As long as you are sticking to the rules and ensure you are in good company, all should go well.
Please remember that you should opt out at any point you need to, say when a Moldovan Country and Western group pop up.
By checking for new games through Google or your preferred search engine, you can ensure a fun night.
See you in Finland!
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