Planning a Ducted Vacuum system in your new home

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Planning to install a Ducted Vacuum System

Planning the installation of a ducted vacuum system in your new home or renovation is a simple process when you know how to do it. Remembering standard hose kits are 9 metres long, you normally do not need heaps of inlets in your home for an effective system.

Using your house plans at 1:100 scale, a business card will act as a hose that is 9m long. Using this card you can select a location for an inlet and check if the card will reach to all the areas using it to bend around walls and doorways etc. like a hose would. You then repeat this for the rest of the locations on the plan.

This will give you some idea on how many points you need, and with a bit more planning actually how many parts to install it. We are more than happy to assist in this stage of planning as every home is different and installation techniques determine the effectiveness of the system.

Many people install the pipework and inlets at first fix then install the main unit later after they have moved in or the next people have moved in. Atleast the option was thought of and installed before construction making it easier to achieve a good installation.

Existing homes in most cases are planned in similar ways, however some locations may have restrictions on access so extra care in planning pipe runs is necessary. Existing homes can in most cases have these units installed successfully, sometimes using longer hoses are required to ensure all areas are reached like a 12 or 13mtr hose.

Other things to consider are, the main unit is usually installed in garage or carport, however, in some cases the only location is on an outside wall. Weather proof units will need to be used in this case or covers made for the unit. Installing the main unit in the garage assists in quietness in the main house area and also allows for an inlet to be fitted for car cleaning.

All kitchens should have a vacpan or vacusweep installed. These units allow you to sweep between vacuums to a point where the system sucks it away for you, simply kick open the floor mounted pan and sweep as if into a dustpan.

 You can also view a video on how a system is installed so you can install it yourself from our main website.

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